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First Words

Someone - not us - says that the human being only absorbs about 40% of everything you hear and read, understanding the remaining 60% as raw unimportant.

We would like the 40% that will absorb this text were enough to want to contact us.

Someone - not us - offers "sliced communication”.

WE provide the companies and institutions a full-service strategic advice, press office and institutional marketing, to strengthen its reputation or the promotion and visibility of their initiatives and products together of audiences - from business communication or institutional up to the mark or product communication, encompassing press office, public relations, marketing, branding, event management, protocol, editing and production of content, advertising and design…

Someone - not us - so weakened teams, with enough know-how to the challenges that the area of communication entails.

Together with the customer - the central element of our team - we have a wide range of partnerships, employees and freelancers from the communication and public relations sectors, possession of a vast knowledge and experience in national and international markets.

Someone - not us - practice overcharging or "strangely" low cost.

We combine our work with a priority concept: the fair price. Our services go through ongoing liaison with customers in order to provide the desired results through effective solutions and controlled costs, always looking for the best options in the market.

Someone - not us - is promoted through customers.

We understand that the customer is always the leader and privilege of confidentiality, not disclosing for whom we work…

For US the most important is customers’ promotion and not our promotion through customers.

WE know better, browse our website or contact us.

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